This Girl Jay Refresh

Why the refresh?

For the past few years we have been pumping out the content without looking at the quality. This isn’t what we are about!

Since leaving my home (and art space) in Brisbane in January this year and travelling for 5 months looking for the perfect place, we settled into a small country town about 2 hours outside of Brisbane.

I am currently sharing a bedroom with my 16 year old sister, and to be honest there isn’t enough room in here for the both of us.

We are striving to work on the quality of This Girl Jay!

Do you have a store?

In July I opened up my Etsy store and was grateful to make my first sale! YIPPIE! However, not having a dedicate space for my art and products has unfortunately led me to put my store on holiday mode.

In saying this, my family and I are in the process of making and renovating my new bedroom and studio! Fingers crossed it will be finished early 2019!

This means that our store will open beginning to mid 2019!

Stay tuned on our Instagram for updates!

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